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News is by far the best means of communicating to people on the daily happenings and proceedings of events. A news piece has to be something that the audience are hearing or reading for the first time. This could be the political news, on the new happenings in the government or changes in the political arena; the economic news on the current events and changes in the economy in relation to other economies in the world or even the daily news that updates the citizens on what’s happening on other regions and zones. The importance of reading news cannot be overemphasized.

First, reading the news informs the people on what is required from them. This gives each and every one a sense of responsibility. For example, a news piece on what the citizens should do to improve security or to avoid are occurrence of a certain security breach incidence. This bestows a sense of responsibility amongst the people and communicates what is expected of them.

Secondly, it enables the readers be proactive enough. This is mostly applicable in the weather, financial and emergency news. No one wants to wake up to a flooded house or be swept away by a tsunami or to a total loss from their investments, let alone their own lives! This is where you will be thankful for reading the news. Once one knows a certain condition is likely to prevail, then they can prepare early enough and this avoids big losses that could have been experienced otherwise.

Knowledge is power. This is the third reason why one should take some few minutes out of a busy schedule to read the news. Interviewees can testify to the importance of wide coverage in terms of knowledge, may it be national or international; news offer the best and current source of knowledge a wise man seeks. This follows closely to acquiring of insight and advice. A single piece of news can present unimaginable amount of insight to those who are interested. I like to think of them as the wise.

Finally, reading news is like exploring the unknown in a world of adventure. For the learners, reading the news is one source of information that can never be fully tapped. It is only through the news that you get to know something that you did not know yesterday. A news item will present something new every day. It is a continuous learning and exploration encounter, that only the readers can experience.


Effect of news

There is many peoples in the world. They have different knowledge levels about world, their own country, their region and their locality. Because of source of news. This is very important for all of us to stay touch always to news. There are many sources for news. We can get news through radio, television, mobile and Internet. Nowadays, through Internet we can get news anything and anywhere. So there isn’t problem for getting news. Today we should to update anytime.

Because there are many incidents happen in any moment. Something good or something bad. Our central government or state government announces time to time new benefits or new schemes or new notices. If we shall never be connect with news then how we shall get knowledge’s about all of those? Nowadays terrorism has spreaded all over the world. Any time terrorist can attack to anywhere. Therefore we must need to touch to news. Through news we could be alert if any terrorist activities found in our locality or region.

News is very important in our life. If we are sports lover and we couldn’t watch our favorite sports continue then we could watch or hear its status through news. This will give us happiness. If we have planned to go out of station and in middle of journey, we have trapped only because of bad weather now this is our big fault. We should took weather report through news before going anywhere. If we have children then they also suffer trouble with us. So we must stay to news.

Nowadays our scientists are searching new planets or hope to live in other planet and we are from science background, then news is good source for us. We could also now about new discover in the world, new cure for disease, new weapons for army etc. If we are business background and we are listed in stock exchange then, we could stay update with the great help of news.

For those students whom are fight many competition exams, for government or non government jobs, the news is great source for increasing their general awareness and for knowing current affairs. They could take all over fields knowledge’s through news. We could run easily any help campaign through news. This is great source for campaign. There is many lives have saved through campaign, for this great work news is main source. This is universal truth news is put necessary effects in our life.