Rant on Recent Local BBB Alignment

So, I was out visiting my cuz this last week and he invited me to this seminar put on by a local SEO dude, and I was like ok, I’ll check it out. My cousin just started his own painting business, where he is trying to get commercial and residential clients, to his credit he a really talented, motivated, and a hard worker. The company was put on by Onpoint owner Craig de Borba, whom specializes in SEO services in Sacramento, I got a chance to talk to him afterwards but pretty much just listened to my cousin and him talk “shop”. He seems like a knowledgeable fellow, and the seminar was actually pretty good. I was afraid is was going to be a snooze-fest as I got bombarded with all kinds of IT words like Gigabytes .. whatever that means.

After returning home I did some research on the company, and found this Press Release

Here’s an excerpt from it:
SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 17, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — OnPoint Internet Marketing founder Craig de Borba was the guest speaker at the Better Business Bureau’s June 15th workshop.  The workshop was promising to deliver powerful content to help educate and inspire local Sacramento businesses to expand their online presence and grow their business using the tools of digital marketing and SEO…
few of the topics covered were: 4 simple ways to increase conversions today, what dominating page #1 really means and what most SEO’s don’t want you to know, website conversion optimization, and much more.

Me not being a techy, and really just being a casual blogger, I actually found it interesting. I always thought it was better to be #1, but as discussed in the seminar it is better to have many spots on the Google, which I did not know that was possible. He showed examples of different ranking spots in maps, and organic, and paid, and even videos, which was pretty cool. One thing I never knew was how people made money though.

This was discussed in a conversion rate tutorial presented on how a visitor takes an action, or you direct them to and then they will sign up, or buy a product, like on Amazon. I have thought about selling on Amazon, I have some friends who are making great money on there and it doesn’t seem that hard.

If you have a business or are interested in learning more about SEO or marketing, I recommend you check out Onpointinternetmarketing.com.  They make courses and provide free teaching materials and guides if you’re wanting to learn on your own. Do you have a business? Are you wanting to sell on Amazon too?
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